School Emblem

The school seal is circular representing the perfect fulfillment of a holistic educational process. The green scallops surrounding the circle represents the cyclical challenges and successes that the institution and its members may experience in the course of realizing their goals.

The center area is embodied in gold and bears five symbols, which are the lightened torch, an open book, laurel leaves, the school motto and the letters O and C. The torch is a symbol of light and wisdom. The book represents the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Once used as crowns by mighty rulers to symbolize power, the laurel leaves denote the quest for glory through holistic education. The letters O and C are the initial of Olivarez College.

School Colors

The school colors are red, gold and green. Red symbolizes courage, energy and power. Gold symbolizes reward and victory. Taken from John 10:10, green represents the simplicity and abundance of life despite the evils and liabilities in society.

Developed by : Jhong Lozada HEAD MIS