Institutional Heads - Administration
Position Name
Registrar Rufina B. Verde, Ed.D
Dean, Graduate School Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Dean, College of Criminology, Arts, Science, and Education Rolando L. Magno, Ed.D
Dean, College of Customs, Business, Accountancy, Library and Information Science, Tourism, Computer Studies and Hotel and Restaurant Management Antonio O. Yu, DBA
Dean, College of Health Related Science Marco Antonio C. Sto. Tomas, MAN
Dean, Student Affairs and Services Zernan P. Dimaiwat, MAED
Principal, Basic Education Alfredo F. Bandong, Ed.D
Director, Center for Planning, Research, Publication and Development Marco Antonio C. Sto. Tomas, MAN
Directress, Center for Community Extension and Campus Ministry Michelle N. Decosto, MAN
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence Elmer B. De Leon, DEM
Director, Information Resource Center Melquiades I. Alipo-on, MALS
Directress, Guidance and Testing Center Selfa C. Lagisniana, MAED

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